What is the literacy rate?

The adult literacy rate is the percentage of people aged 15 and above, who can with understanding; read and write a short, simple statement on their everyday life. Lesotho’s literacy rate is one of the highest in Sub-Saharan Africa at 87.4 percent, according to the 2011 Lesotho Demographic Survey. This is strengthened by the fact that government has also introduced free and compulsory primary education for all citizens and this will further improve on the literacy rate.


About LNDC

The Lesotho National Development Corporation (LNDC) is the main parastatal of the Government of Lesotho charged with the implementation of the country’s industrial development policies.

“The mandate of the Corporation is to initiate, promote and facilitate the development of manufacturing and processing industries, mining and commerce in a manner calculated to raise the level of income and employment in Lesotho.”  more...

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